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I am an architect and I have a "passion" for refinement and style.

My philosophy  is to ideate and  project models with a unique formal poetry as first step, and a warm refinement as final step.

You will not find “collections” but woman and man accessories with a precise stylish vanguard, modern after years and years.

My design is strongly rooted  with Milano historical design tradition, full of understatement elegance and creativity.

Gambari realize all his pieces in Milano by experienced artisans with a huge technical skill and passion for their art.

Gambari craftmanship

craftmanship and design

Gambari leather


We select the best suppliers of Italy in order to  offer a superb leather a superb lining and zip, because that a good style and a good project is nothing without quality...

Our  bags are really light with a 550 grams medium weight....because we know that you need to fill it with your personal objects, so we care about your comfort and your health..

You will discover that our leather or microfiber are so soft and will give to you a fantastic sensorial sensation...




All models could be tailor made with a choice  of 4 or six colors.

and in some option with the zip choice between gold zip or black nickel zip

Gambari flagship

Gambari flagship.....